Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker

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Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker

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Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 1
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 2
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 3
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 4
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 5
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 6
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 7
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 8
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 9
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 10

Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 11
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 12
Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker 13

Brand Name


Model Number


CE Certification


Color Print Speed


Extruder Count



FlashPrint; Simplify3D; Cura

Build Volume

230L*150W*140H mm (9.06'' *5.91''* 5.5'')

Positioning Precision

XY: 11 microns (0.0004 in); Z: 2.5 microns (0.0001 in)

Printing Material

1.75mm PLA /ABS/PETG/TPU/Wood/HIPS/PVA/Flexible Filament

Operation System

Windows (7+); Mac OS X (10.7+) ; Linux


Wi-Fi, USB Cable, USB Stick, SD Card


English, Germany, French, Japanese

AC Input

115-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 150 W



100 Bewertungen für Flashforge 3D Printer 2018 FDM Dreamer Dual color print WIFI and touchscreen W/2 Spool Fully Assembled 3D Drucker

  1. V***v

    Thank you very much for the beautiful printer! The print quality is impressive! Delivered in 3 days. Box in perfect condition. Printer too. As a gift, i received two abs coils and two pla and a pair of stickers on the desktop. Very nice. Simultaneously, two extruders have not yet printed, but confuses that the nozzles are slightly at different heights. Although the part when printing does not hurt, but when calibrating it is very noticeable. Can this be corrected?

  2. V***K

    Excellent printer, delivery was fast. The seller for the additional 2 bays thank you very much.

  3. A***o

  4. V***o

    Great! Delivered in 4 days in moscow from a warehouse. While i just gathered my head and calibrated the table. I’ll print on the weekend.

  5. A***j

    The order came very quickly. Prints “out of the box”. Trial printing cubes for 4 +, not enough blowing. Of the minuses: the nozzles at different heights were. So far it is not possible to calibrate normally under 2 nozzles.

  6. R***n

    Read reviews about iml and panicked. but! The printer came to yekaterinburg for only 3,5 days. only changed the delivery to pick up immediately from the center, and not wait for the courier.
    The box was wrapped in black polyethylene. And not for nothing. Because. It was dirty.
    The box was slightly wrinkled. But inside everything is fine.
    Package such as indicated on the site. I have 2 skewers of pla.
    Everything was collected in 30-60 minutes with distractions and search for additional information on the internet.
    I started printing the calibration cube. Faced with the task: the printer uperto tried to print the right extruder, although wherever he found, put the left. Put down the fight and started printing from the right extruder.
    The first layer did not stick well. Recalibrated the table. It’s getting better. Printed the cube in 20 minutes. If you look at it, that is, flaws, but overall very cool! I’m really kaifanul).
    I didn’t adjust anything, i didn’t do anything with the table. Really: bought, unpacked and printed.

  7. I***v

    It’s cool! The printer is cool, although not the latest model (the beginning of their production is 14-15 years). Ordered at a discount on the occasion of ali’s birthday, it turned out to be 2 times cheaper than sold from local baryg. Delivery fabulous, the day ordered, on the next day, at the same time already brought. Because the warehouse on the territory of russia from here and such fast delivery, but as a side effect, the goods are not the first freshness, flooded in advance. Printer made in december 17th. The design is classic, executed qualitatively. Prints almost immediately out of the box at a very decent level. Somewhat surprising the attitude of the manufacturer to the russification of the device. For such a long time of production and mention that this is about to happen, the russian in the latest firmware is not. Although there are many other languages. The seller is friendly and sociable.

  8. a***v

    Very cool quality, very easy setting

  9. s***n

  10. A***v

  11. S***v

  12. M***v

  13. S***v

  14. Anonym

    Printing norms, grunts well. Two-headed this bag. Tokma on wafer pts. Hard sucks file for a drinker. Iml-shit.

  15. I***y

  16. I***v

  17. I***N

    The printer came to bashkortostan very quickly in 6 days. The goods are of excellent quality, the parcel is not damaged. There is a problem, the laptop does not see a 3d printer, via wi-fi works but sometimes flies and you have to overload the printer. And another problem is the right extruder does not issue the filament. I think these problems will solve with the seller. Can who faced such a problem write a [email protected]. Seller sociable recommend.

  18. A***v

  19. Y***v

  20. D***v

  21. S***a

    It works!!! We just got it out of the box, according to the instructions installed a print head, filled the filaments that were included, and forward! The quality of printing is satisfied, now we are trying to understand the opened prospects)) delivery fast, courier to the door (moscow), without complaints and nuances. Thank you!

  22. S***z

  23. S***n

    Ordered on april 28. Delivery was specified iml and 10 days term. The printer brought business lines on may 16. No tracking information. This is my third printer, so there was something to compare with.
    Pros: compact, light, comfortable, high-quality prints, heated table. Cons: very, very noisy. I hear it in the next room in private. Houses are almost unrealistic to use. Loud fans, turbo fan almost like a vacuum cleaner, loud motors, one extruder below the other by 1,5 millimeters, curve table. Because of this, calibrate the table a whole problem. The front spring is pressed to the maximum. Back by half. Inside you can put the coils only 0,5 kg, no longer climbs. From the stickers on the table branded plastic fig tear off, you have to pick up with a shovel. In general, for this money expected much more.

  24. A***v

  25. O***w

    The printer ordered from a russian warehouse in moscow. Came in in 5 days. Nothing broken and quality packed. I set up the wifi, as the card reader came over, and the wire is far away. I advise you to mess with wyfay immediately. Initially, the printer creates only an access point, then you need to connect to the printer and switch the mode from ap to sta (in this mode it can be connected to your router). Print out the box fire, only the table set up, but it is implemented as simple as possible. Printing by two extruders is also chic, though it is necessary to train if for the first time you print two plastics. Before that was anet a6 (printed on it 3 years), in comparison sky and earth. Noise is not much (when printing pla includes all available coolers). I print the third day without breaks and not one jamb. Immediately i advise you to print extended mounts of coils (standard are small for normal coils, and those that are included only for flashforge coils) and extruder carriage (in the internet they say can orig melt)

  26. N***v

    Delivered quickly to zelenograd 5 days. The box is cracked, everything inside works. Screwed the extruder and started printing. Purchase satisfied. Recommend seller

  27. G***v

    The order was 5 days. Packed perfectly. The trial print went on hurray! Very satisfied!

  28. D***v

    Brought on the third day, packed well, though the box was punched in one place, but the printer itself without damage. Includes a suitcase with the necessary tool and parts-tweezers, a blade for removing items from the table, a knife, a “clip” for cleaning nozzles, hexagon, screwdriver, a nozzle wrench, lubrication, one spare pen for table adjustment, two spare teflon tube for extruder, two spare cover for table, paper for table calibration, Two pulleys pla plastic and instruction manual (in chinese and english). Going very easily, the table is calibrated too extremely simple. Immediately after the calibration of the table is ready for printing-the assembly and calibration took half an hour (the rule had to look at the form about the calibration of the table, because. According to the instructions did not reach). The quality of printing is quite at the level-not ideal, but, i think that the slider settings can be achieved better. The nozzles are brass, so that the carbon will not print-but there are steel on ali. in general, it requires a little refinement, but the device norms

  29. Anonym

  30. s***s

    Very fast shipped 5 days

  31. Anonym

  32. A***A

    I got a slightly curved base of the table (i do not trouble compensating with screws of adjustment of the surface), also the fixing of the filament coils are designed for native coming in the kit, but regular kilograms from bestfilamenta are quite placed only will have to print spacers under native holders, it is unclear how to turn off the backlight, and then in prolonged lighting the plastic base above it is strongly warmed up. Well, the print area will be too small.
    I have not yet printed, but just assembled the extruder and checked the mechanics, heating, blowing, but already under impression, this is my first fully assembled factory printer two others i collected half by myself (creality ender 3, flyingbear ghost).
    You can say the quality quite corresponds to the price. This printer has normal cooling out of the box-a powerful snail and factory cast air duct, not printed x… no like the second fb ghost, backlight immediately out of the box do not need to collective farm, microcontroller stm 32, touch display and not e… an encoder encoder 3.

  33. M***v

  34. E***v

    The package is complete, the package is very modest, if not for a good delivery, it would not have arrived.
    Delivery 3 days. The description corresponds to the product. Prints out of the box, adjusts very quickly. I recommend the initial calibration of the table position three to four times. Test seal made perfectly. Quiet.

  35. S***l

    The printer is very wonderful. I have this second printer and have something to compare with. The producer is excellent. The printer came with a defect, the question was decided and sent out the item for replacement.

  36. N***v

  37. A***o

  38. A***v

  39. A***n

  40. A***n

  41. A***n

  42. A***n

  43. E***v

    The printer was delivered for 8 days. Everything corresponds to the description and completeness. I collected the printer for 10 minutes. i launched the test print. Photo attached. Thanks to the seller-i recommend. The price on aliexpress is almost 2 times less than the shops offer in moscow.
    Only nowhere found-you need to lubricate the printer immediately after unpacking or after a while?

  44. A***v

  45. A***v

    The printer is excellent, delivery to st. petersburg from a warehouse in moscow for 4 days

  46. I***s

    Delivery is very fast. Packed perfectly, everything finished whole, prints perfectly out of the box, although since this is my first 3d printer had difficulty using both heads when printing, but i think with experience and help the seller will figure out. I recommend unequivocally!

  47. I***v

    Very good printer for your money. 3 bolts twist out of the box and all.
    Pros: assembled, high-quality printer with thermal camera, backlight and 2 extruders. Sufficiently high quality printing. Chic native slicer. Rich set. Good consumables.
    Cons: slow, closed platform, noisy

    Conclusion: For home ideal for their money. A minimum of improvements-a carbon filter for blowing that would remove even crumbs of odors, fixing under kilogram coils, an easy revision with an internal card if it is buggy. Everything is done on the same printer. Definitely take those who need a simple, high-quality, reliable printer

  48. S***a

    Ohue… I’m Prince… Seller bomb!! Answers questions as soon as possible .. Sociable and even sent 1 PLA plastic as a gift

  49. S***v

  50. A***v

    The goods came very quickly. There were some technical problems but with the help of the seller everything was quickly settled. The seller is conscientious and decent. Answers quickly and essentially. I recommend this seller and his products

  51. k***k

  52. V***v

    The printer is excellent. The seller is very sociable. Prints the second day without stopping, everything is fine. The flash print program is very simple and convenient. Stitched the printer on the last firmware. It was possible to flash only from under 32 bit Program flash print. From Under 64 version flash print flashing does not work.

  53. A***n

    3 days shipping! Collected in 15 minutes. Excellent price/quality ratio/dancing with a tambourine that is 10/10/0)))

  54. A***v

  55. A***v

  56. Anonym

  57. A***v

    Very satisfied.

  58. V***V

    Prints out of the box, after setting the table level. Delivery 12 days in Moscow. I recommend to buy unequivocally.

  59. g***s

  60. E***v

  61. D***n

    Print quality out of the box without settings is excellent! Definitely worth your money

  62. A***v

  63. I***v

  64. S***v

    The printer is excellent. Works out of the box. You only need to screw the extruder with two screws (included) and calibrate the table. Printing quality is high. Included black and white PLA plastic for 0.5 kg. On the complete flash drive there are models for test printing.

  65. U***v

    The printer is just excellent, ordered 22.09.2019 came to Nizhny Novgorod 30.09.2019 well packed, arrived without damage, the track is tracked. everyone will understand, everything is available and understandable. the seller is excellent!!!!! definitely recommend. the printer is affordable, on a flash drive that comes with a set there are models for test printing, all you need to screw the extruder and flip the table and can be printed.

  66. D***v

  67. A***v

  68. V***o

    Worthy unit. A little expensive, but I took a discount for 11.11, so it was acceptable. Assembled soundly, nothing lyuftit, all the wires are fixed, the straps are stretched, the table is even. It works a little noisy, but during the day its noise is lost against the background of the rest of the sounds of this smelly collective farm and the cries of shy children, enthusiastically watching the work of the device. Noise can be greatly reduced by installing new drivers on engines and bearings, but this is for geeks and perfectionists, any harsh man will find the buzzing of the device for music and fall asleep. What you get right out of the box: 1-the working apparatus does not require additional sawing and the beaches with a tambourine, you only need to twist 3 (three) screws and calibrate the table; 2-good printing quality, which can also be improved depending on needs.

  69. M***v

  70. a***a

    The printer had to go to another city. Prints perfectly!

  71. A***v

    Delivery by IML-went a month from Moscow :(. The box was punched in two places, but thank God the printer remained intact. The printer itself was released in 2017. Unpacking and assembly took an hour, and apparently lucky-everything works out of the box, the first experience-the dragon turned out well 🙂

  72. b***b

  73. K***v

    The printer is good. Bought with delivery to Russia-delivered in 10 days

  74. D***v

    This is supposed to be an upgrade from a Flashforge Adventurer 3, and in some ways it is – dual extruder, a better bed that can be properly leveled. However the print quality is so much worse than the Adventurer when printing at Hyper quality. I did know that Dreamer’s direct extruder is less precise than the bowden the Adventurer has, just didn’t expect the difference would be that big. Add to this extremely slow WiFi transfer speeds of 30 kB/sec (can’t connect to USB due to placement) which is x50 slower than Adventurer, super-noisy back fans (have to turn them off every time the printer starts), so yeah… somewhat disappointed.

  75. R***v

  76. D***n

    Prints normally, dances with a tambourine almost did not need, noisy. So far I tried only abs and PLA. The pencil was not included, although without it, the abscus of horseradish will tear off the table. The seller was very dissatisfied. The printer waited almost a month. 11 numbers ordered, 27 only sent and 10 delivery imlom…

  77. A***w

    Very satisfied! Great printer! Works fine! Over time, I will replace blow fans and cooling fan drivers for less noisy. About the drivers of stepper motors on quiet ask no one (. Kilogram coils took out of the printer. (In the case they do not fit) until everything. Be sure to add later feedback! Thank you!

  78. V***n

    I’m very satisfied. Good seller, rapid shipping, careful service. I recommend!

  79. A***B

  80. D***v

    Looks like normal. True Body plastic creaks. Yes the printer is not quiet. When printing PLA noise like an extractor in the kitchen. Calibrated the table. Here’s a test print. One nozzle for now. I’ll try double later.

  81. Y***V

    Cool printer, prints super-products are smooth and additional processing is not required.
    I recommend this seller and this printer.

  82. A***n

  83. A***v

  84. A***n

    Came quite quickly, delivery from Russia. Not yet printed-we understand what and how. Will be than to supplement-I will write.

  85. R***n

  86. A***c

  87. R***r

  88. A***v

    The printer works well. But sometimes the touch screen goes out. There is no pattern of this. Separately, I want to say about the IML delivery service. They don’t have the phone. To find out where the cargo is and the estimated delivery date is not possible. Call on the principle-in an hour-2 we will come to you. It’s just stupid somehow.
    I will also supplement the issue with the screen.

  89. R***n

    Well, this is the second, the first was finder. In fact, it is not worth much to expect from it, of obvious advantages; it really prints well out of the box, excellent adhesion to the table, closed camera and backlight. Controversial moments; two extruders are one of the first attempts if not the first to do them, so everything will print not as you want, here it is more like a quick change of filament, and not in two nozzles (especially badly come out of a large size of PLA with supports from PETG, I would like to see if someone turns out), Filament to change is not very convenient, and it is really noisy, noisy in it at all, kinematics and the weight of two direct extruders will not allow to print quickly and efficiently, the speed of transmission over Wi-Fi is just a nightmare of some, no more than 30kb/s. But he’s still worth his money, and he just wants to keep typing.

  90. A***a

  91. a***a

    The printer is very good.

  92. A***v

  93. A***v

    Great item

  94. V***h

    Everything came on time and whole

  95. A***N

    The printer worked, there are problems with printing. Send and shipping from Russia more than a month

  96. S***o

    Ordered Nov 29, received in Russia in a week. Contacted seller in advance to make sure I get latest 2019 ver (not sure if this matters.) Printer uses its own flavor of gcode, so slicer choice narrows down to FlashPrint & Simplify3D (except for gcode geeks). Wifi only works in FlashPrint (speed 90 Kbyte/s), so Toshiba FlashAir Wifi card may be useful.
    Printer had issue with internal micro-SD card (appears to be very common) led to sudden errors & stops during print. Contacted support & they sent me new motherboard. This one works fine. MB is same as on Inventor.
    Have made some upgrades & printed with different filaments, incl PLA,PVA,TPU,ASA,PETG. With all had decent quality results after some tuning & trial&error. Enclosed chamber really helps to print with high temp filaments. Quality of printer itself is quite good. The noise level is high, comparable to vacuum cleaner when all fans are on. I am very satisfied with the printer. My first one, though, so nothing to compare to.

  97. A***v

    Works for now

  98. A***h

  99. r***r

    Customized and assembled for an hour prints qualitatively right out of the box and at the same time fast delivery

  100. P***v

    The printer costs its money, out of the box prints acceptable.

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